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Checklist for Safely Installing an Acrow Prop in Your Workplace

1-acrow-propsBefore 1935, if you were in need of a propping for your construction project, your only option was a log or other timber prop. While this version worked, it was extremely inflexible and often led to serious accidents. Thanks to innovative technology and the demand for something better, the steel Prop was introduced. The features of this prop provide adjustable settings to easily increase or reduce the height of your working platform or other equipment.

Today the term Acrow is a generic term that is used for the telescopic type tube that is used for supporting scaffolding. Other common names you may run across include post shores or shore props, due to the fact that one of their main functions is the application of shoring.

The most crucial factor when using this equipment is to ensure that it is installed properly. Use the following checklist to ensure that no matter if you are supporting scaffolding at a work-site, or providing support in a traditional office environment, you install the equipment in the proper manner.

Acrow Prop Pre-Installation Checklist

Before installing your construction Prop you should check the following factors concerning your props:

  1. Plan your project. You need to ensure you have the proper amount and size of props prior to installation.
  2. Double check the weight that the prop you have selected can support. This will ensure that it is equipped to safely support the load.
  3. Be sure to inspect the props each time you begin to work. This should include:
  • Ensure the tubes are straight and slide easily.
  • That the tread is not blocked and the collar moves freely.
  • Be sure that there is no damage to the pin. You should never use a pin other than the original one.

Checklist for Proper Installation

The Acrow can only be used for compression purposes, not tension. Use the following check list to ensure that your props are installed properly each time they are used:

  1. Ensure the props are installed vertically. Even when the props are off by a degree and a half it can substantially reduce the amount of weight that can be supported.
  2. If the props are on a flexible surface, such as gravel you need to use a soleplate for proper anchoring.
  3. You need to ensure that both the top and base plates are flat on the surface for proper weight bearing capabilities.
  4. Acrow props are available in five different sizes, which means that you need to select the proper size instead of making up the difference with timber or other gap filler.

By properly installing your builder’s props you can feel confident that you will have optimum safety at the site of support. If you are unsure of the proper method for installation, you should seek adjustable prop hire to work with a professional who understands the proper installation method. If even one factor is not considered, you may encounter serious problems. Using the checklists here, you will be able to install a steel prop safely and ensure that there are no accidents due to improper installation.